It’s already late in the evening, but I couldn’t go to sleep before I wrote to tell you about the amazing evening I had!

Tonight I went with my friend Gaby to the fellowship she had told me about a few weeks earlier.  She said it was run by some Americans, but attended mostly by Asian college students. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect or what I was getting myself into.  My mind was racing during our short bus ride.  As we walked up the front steps my heart was pounding.  But all of my fears and hesitations melted away the moment I walked in the front door.

I was greeted by smiling faces, warm handshakes and a room bustling
with activity.  It felt a bit strange at first to be one of the only white faces in the room, but I am pretty used to that by now :-).  We began by singing some songs in the language I’m learning and then the American pastor gave a message all in this language.  (His language proficiency made me believe that learning this language is possible haha).  After the meeting ended, I got the opportunity to talk to the pastor and his wife and learn some more about their work here.  I didn’t tell them my purpose in being in this country, not yet.  But I feel like there will be a chance to do so in the future.  It was
just so refreshing to see that God is moving in this place!

I have only been here for a month, but it is clear that the Kingdom
is advancing here in the north and I am honored to be a part of it!