As you know, I spent most of my life in Maine where winter is really winter.  However, the previous two years I spent in Asia were passed in a warm climate.  I haven’t actually seen snow since the winter of 2007.  But this past week, all that changed.

Sunday November 6th was the official first day of winter (立冬)here in Asia and in H-town we celebrated with a nice little snowfall.  It was so great! Slipping and sliding down the street was quite amusing.  Here in H-town they don’t really use salt on the roads and sidewalks so you really have to watch where you are going.  I even experienced my first slip-and-fall of the year on Friday, but I got up again very quickly hahaha.  I guess I haven’t gotten my winter
legs under me yet! 

Today it actually snowed about 6 inches!  I was walking to meet a friend for lunch and I was so happy to find people of all ages outside making snowmen!  I didn’t know they did that here!  People here are so resilient.  The roads  were covered in snow; it is difficult to see a foot in front of you, and yet they
are still riding bicycles….amazing!

God has really used this past week’s weather (and especially the snow!) to bless me.  It has been so long since I have been able to enjoy something that I take for granted when I am home in America. There is something very comforting about finding familiarity even  on the other side of the world.

Thanks, God!

Staying warm!