You’ve heard the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, sometimes, it takes a village to see someone join the family of Christ.

I want to tell you all about two people here in the X that both joined the family this week because of the love, prayers, and influence of multiple people over multiple months.

The first guy is an English major from the Teaching University here, who I will call R. R first met Sherlock and The Professor last year, and they shared with him very early in the year. Although R was interested, he wasn’t ready to make a decision. For months he attended our weekly fellowships, and eventually helped to lead games and was inviting his friends to come and join. He even came to our Easter baptism service last year! For months and months and months, multiple people in our city poured into him and shared the love of God with him, but R still wasn’t ready.

Last week, he met with Sonny and as they were chatting, R shared with Sonny that he was finally ready to accept Jesus! When the text went out to us saying that R had joined the family we were all ecstatic! FINALLY! After so many months, and so many people sowing and investing, God caused the seed to bear fruit.

And again, just a few days ago, one of our girls texted us, saying that another student at the Teaching University, who I will call A, decided to join the family! Like R, she heard the story from three girls on our team from last year. She even attended some of our fellowship activities, but she still wasn’t completely ready to follow Jesus. But through God’s divine connections, she “randomly” met a couple of our new workers from this year, and through listening to their stories and heart for God, she also decided to join the family!

When we scatter the seed, we never know how and when it will grow. Praise God that this Village here in the X got to see these two lives changed forever!