Ok, so I am probably one of the last people on the planet to watch this movie, but a couple of weeks ago, I finally watched the Disney movie “Frozen.” I can’t say that I know all the words to the songs yet, but let’s just say I have seen it more than once since then hahaha.

By far the most popular song in that movie is, of course, “Let It Go” (if I got the song stuck in your head, I apologize!). Here, they translate the words “let it go” to “fen kai shou,” which more closely translates to “open your hands.” As I sat pondering this in the last few days, I realized that sometimes in life, you have to open up your hands and trust things to God, and let them go. You don’t let them go because you don’t care about them. Instead, you let them go because you are placing them in His more powerful, capable hands.

Over the past few weeks here in Asia, there have been a few instances where we as a team, and as individuals have had to let some things go. I want to take a few minutes to share them with you.

On May 17th we sent our team of one-year workers back to the States. It was a very tearful goodbye for many of us, and I was personally crying so hard that I couldn’t get my tissue packet open haha. It has been 9 months of successes and difficulties, of growth and sacrifice, of friendship and co-laboring. These 5 special people made such an impact on my life, and while I was very sad to see them go, we had some great times in there last days here, and memories were made that will not be soon forgotten. Three of them will be returning as long-term workers and should be returning to Asia in 10 months. The other two are going on to what God has called them to next and will be making an impact for the kingdom wherever they go. While there time with us was truly unforgettable, the time had come to say goodbye and let them go to what God had for them next.

This past week, our whole city flew down to HK to spend some time connecting with other long term workers from the other cities, and to seek God for this coming year. In our absence, our two house parties would have to meet without us. Instead of having them take two weeks off, we decided to start the process of training them to lead on their own. We spent the few weeks before we left preparing them, encouraging them, and giving them positive feedback. It was so exciting to see them step out into a new role that had really been our goal for them all along-a house party run by our Asian brothers and sisters. It wasn’t always smooth, or flawless, but it was an epic moment for us. And it all happened because we chose to let them go.

While in HK, we had an awesome opportunity to meet with one of the leading church planters in Asia and hear his stories and wisdom about the difficult task we have all set our hands to. One of the truths that resonated throughout our time together was our need to trust the HS and the work He is doing among the people. We don’t need to try and control it, or do it all ourselves, we need to yarp and trust that God will do the work. We need to let it go, in His capable hands.

“Let It Go.” Easy to sing about, not always so easy to act out! But God’s grace is sufficient, and He is faithful with the things we choose to commit into His hands.