Hammers drilling into my brain.  Non-stop since I awoke.  The light is not my friend. I do not want to leave my apt. But I know I must; Holy Spirit pushes me forward. Dizzy and disoriented I make my way to campus with my ministry partner.

The atmosphere on campus has changed.  Something is going to happen. I feel it in my bones. Friends have been easy to make and love on. And today we are meeting our friends to play badminton. I feel it in my bones.

As disoriented as I am, I play a few games of badminton.  Then I sit with my friend, Yolanda, and Holy Spirit moves me to speak.  We talk about her faith, Buddhism, and I share my testimony, Share the story.  Holy Spirit is moving. She is so close to saying yes but she leaves for a meeting.

I feel it in my bones. You’re about to move.

Badminton finishes and our group goes out to dinner.  We make small talk, and then one of my other friends, Jane, out of nowhere asks me about the Word and about Papa.  I share with her the story.  I pray for her.  And as we walk back together arm in arm, she says this, ” I want to give your faith a try.”  I stop dead.  DID I HEAR RIGHT? Oh my!! I ask again.  YES! I ask again. YES!!!

This is the most wonderful experience I have ever had.  Papa was awesome how He arranged that whole day.  And yes I woke up with a headache and I almost missed out on this amazing opportunity.  But Papa has been working on me especially with this question, “Will you stay in the boat, when I am calling you to walk on water?”

And today, another friend came into the family as well. Her name is Sunny 🙂