Cars everywhere. Beep Beep!!

Bikes everywhere.

People everywhere.

And there we were. A group of 4 Americans trying to hail a cab in the busy rush hour intersection. It’s only our second day in the X and we were given a destination to meet with the Others. Thankfully, a cab pulled over and we used our awesome native language skills which went something like this:


“This!” (point to phone with an address)

“something in the native language”

We nod head, and we are off, or so we thought.

We pull up to a huge tall tower and the cabby talks talking and pointing to it so naturally we believe that we made it to our destination. We pay the man and we wait.  *chirp…..chirp…chirp…* Hmm maybe this isn’t the place? So we get out our awesome Asian phones and start calling our friends.  They have no idea where we are and we have no idea where we are. Uh oh!! This smells like trouble!!….

Ok, everyone simmer down. We just got lost on our second day. We were only 2 miles away from our friends, no big deal.  It was quite the adventure that I actually enjoyed because it made me use what little native language skills I have to communicate and find our way out. And boy do I love challenges 🙂

My roomies and I are doing well. All moved into our apartment and today is the first day that we have wifi 🙂  I am loving it here. It feels like home. And I already made a few friends and I am going to meet for dinner tonight 🙂 Yaya!!

My time with Papa is awesome.  I am learning so much about walking in my identity and taking my thoughts captive on the daily.  It really is a battle.  I wake up early and its a nonstop battle and sometimes I feel so drained, but its worth it!! Today Papa taught me about guarding my heart because its the centerpiece of my soul and the enemy likes to attack these 4 inner rooms as I call them: mind (my thoughts), will (my ambitions), emotion (my feelings), conscience (my moral compass).  Also that truth affirms Papa’s standard and righteousness aligns one’s life to it.  Amazing right?