Hey there! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving:) I’m almost done with my schooling (about two weeks left!), and Campus Target is entering into a season of greater opportunities to spread the word!

As the Christmas season draws near, Campus Target workers in Asia will be planning/hosting Christmas parties and inviting all their Asian friends who haven’t heard the real Christmas story. These workers will also feel homesick at this time of the year, so please pray for them as they prepare to share the Christmas story and explain to their friends who God really is. I remember when I was in Asia during Christmas, I was feeling so homesick when one day I received a package from my church. They had sent me Christmas letters! It was the best thing I received that Christmas.

I am in a very busy season of my life now with school and support raising, but I have grown so much and have not regretted one bit of it, no matter how challenging it was, and still is. I have been able to join a dance team to perform in my school’s talent show, and have made so many friends from the freshman class that came this year. I have realized that my ministry has not stopped since being back from Asia, but continued in ways that I could have never expected. God is the reason that I am here, the reason I’m going to a foreign country for three years, and the reason I’m using my passions and talents in ways I have never imagined. Thank you God!