“I think I want to pick a time to share with my family that I believe in Jesus!”

Yu was getting excited in our small group this past week as she talked about sharing with her family and having the courage to do so. “I used to be scared to share with them because they all believe in Buddha, but now that I heard Liberty’s testimony (Liberty recently went through a lot of family issues on this same topic), I think I can do it! Plus, I was talking to some local people when I was home last, and they seemed really curious about Him!”

Yu is Liberty’s childhood friend who she led into the family about a year and a half ago. She’s also a member of a minority group here in Asia. Asia has many of the world’s minority groups, many of which are part of the unreached people gr0ups. The minority group that Yu belongs to have been famous in the past for rejecting the Good News (along with many groups), but there have been many stories of families rejecting family members after their conversion. Because of this, Yu telling her family could be a very big deal! I can see her having an amazing influence among this people group who have in the past been considered “hard-hearted” towards God!

This past six months she has been busy with school and graduation, so we haven’t seen her as much as we would have liked, but she clearly loves God and has been working in her heart. She loves worship and prayer and she’s in the process of learning guitar and piano in order to lead worship. Every time I see her I’m encouraged by her smile and her ability to hear God’s voice and speak it out! I’m so excited to see what God does with her life now that she’s done with school!

Please be praying as Yu is preparing to go home for the holiday. She’s afraid her family will dislike the idea of her staying in K-town for work. She wants to stay here and stay connected with our church, so please pray that she’ll have the courage to do whatever God’s leading her to do! Also, of course be lifting her up for the courage to tell her family about believing in God.

Liberty is also in a place of making decisions right now. She recently didn’t do well on a job placement test, so she’s basically open to whatever God is saying. She may even be leaning toward serving God full-time! Please pray for direction and revelation of God’s goodness to her.