After our trip, I was ready to get back to the X-town and to continue meeting and sharing with our Asian friends. Our team as a whole has seen a few people come into the family in the last several weeks; but other than that, I feel like I am encountering a lot of hardness and opposition to the good news at times. For example, on Sunday I shared with a girl who combated almost everything I said with scientific arguments. Even my own testimony of how G0d delivered me from depression and gave me a new life, she said must have just been a case of weird hormones. I was really sad for her, but all I could do was pray.

Later that night, me and three friends met with my friend Cici again and continued to share with her our testimonies and different amazing ways Jesus has shown Himself to us. Again, she seemed very impacted by what we said, but when we asked if she would also want this for herself, she was hesitant. She said, “Maybe when I am older, I will start following Him.” She doesn’t want to make the decision right now, and that is hard to hear.

On the surface level, it looks like there is a lot of people who are saying “no” to a relationship with G0d, or that there is some barrier that is keeping a lot of our friends from choosing Him. But deep down in my heart right now, I feel like this will not be the case for long. I feel like we are on the brink of seeing an outpouring of His love and favor over this city. I believe that revival is coming soon, and many hearts will be turned towards Him. The walls and lies around these peoples’ hearts will come tumbling down the more we proclaim His Name. I can already see it now, that the people who are dwelling in a land of deep darkness WILL see the light. Will you pray for the changing of hearts and minds to follow Christ here in  X-town? And proclaim over these people, “Arise, shine, for your light has come!”