I would like to tell you what’s been going on these past weeks. These weeks we were able to see a ton of new things, new sisters joining the family, miracles and some sisters doubting about their decision. As well, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the rest of the team and with our brothers and sister in this nation.

As I told you before we celebrated Thanksgiving with the team. We ate a lot of delicious food and we shared about those things we are thankful for and for everything that is coming. Additionally we were able to meet Mulan (code name) she works with the same organization (CT) but in a different city. Meeting her was a huge privilege because we were able to learn a lot from her. One impactful thing we learned from her was to be able to show love to people we share with. Thankfully we were able to get some rest and a time to reflex in the work we’re doing and how we’re reaching our personal and team goals. It was really good to see that I’ve been doing this with joy in my heart and despite of the cold weather or not so delicious food (as the Mexican food), I’ve been doing our Father’s will and I’ve been enjoying every moment of it.

These past two weeks, we were able to see fruit from God. Four girls joined the family: Mengli, Lily, Ginger and Sharon. However, I also have bad news. Two of the girls from last month are having doubts and they decided to stop their relationship with our God. Please pray for Junxi and Alice as they have doubts and decided to step aside from the family.

We met Mengli and Lily on a Friday afternoon on campus. It was a very sunny day (we don’t see the sun very often in the city) and they were walking to a tea house to enjoy the wonderful weather. We went for tea with them and we started sharing with them, as they were hearing the story they both decided to join the family. It was very exciting to see how open they were to the good news. That very same day we had dinner with Ginger, we gave thanks for the food we started talking and eating and suddenly we were sharing about God’s love with her. We talked about the best gift our Big Brother gave us and before even finishing the story she said very eagerly: I want this gift! We gave thanks for her life and she joined the family.

Last week we went out with Sharon, as we had some tea we started talking about Christmas. This topic leaded us to share about God’s love. Sharon was so amazed by this kind of love that we asked her if she wanted to join the family and with tears in her eyes and a shaky voice she said Yes, Of course!! She joined the family and is so excited about having a relationship.