Hello everyone,

These few months are flying by! January went by quickly as students started heading home to begin the celebration of the New Year. We kept busy as well, with events such as leaving the country for a retreat contemplate the past few months. I also got to pick up some Bibles to bring back with me for my friends.

Arriving back in Asia in the beginning of February we repacked and went to a friend’s hometown for ten days to celebrate the New Year. Each year also has an animal that marks it. This year happens to be the year of the monkey! Something to know, the New Year would not be complete until all the food is gone. Yes, the New year is a time to eat as is custom. I do prefer to eat the pig tongue over the pig foot; it has more flavor. Century eggs are also quite good, but let’s just say I passed on second helpings.

Our Asian friends Shay and Quincy also got married during that time, and we got the privilege of celebrating with them at the wedding! I ask that you be praying for Shay as Quincy is in the family, but she is not. It also makes things a little more complicated since she recently joined the country’s political party as well. They did have a beautiful wedding, however, and I got to experience some Asian customs I have never known before!

I ask that you be praying for our Asian friends and my team, as we have just a few months left here. I also ask that you be lifting up the students who have not gotten a chance to hear the Gospel yet. It’s crazy to think this season here is drawing closer and closer to the end. It makes what we have to share that much more urgent, and makes time that much more precious. Thank you all for being part of my team and for praying.