The past two months have been extremely busy. First, we had a short term team from Singapore, then the Holidays, and finally I had finals at the university.

God really did a lot the weeks the Singaporean team was here. One of our ongoing prayers for our work here is that God would give us a group of men who will become committed followers of Jesus. For five months we have been praying for that and in the week that the team was here, we finally saw that happen. Five guys joined the family that week and they are now having a weekly discipleship group together. This is such an answer to prayer, as up until now, we have had very few guys join the family and most of our groups are girls.

After Christmas, I had my final exams at the university. The weeks leading up to that were extremely busy with hosting a short term team and the holidays. I have heard horror stories from people about finals, so I started reviewing several weeks in advance. All my hard work paid off. Finals were hard, but I passed with flying colors and got an award as the best in my class. I felt really blessed. I have been the only language student on our team in the city and over the past eight months it has been easy to feel very alone and that is a discouraging feeling. So when my teacher told me I had won the award, I felt God was telling me that even if nobody else noticed me, He noticed. It really encouraged me to keep on going.

The end of this week I will be starting up language study for the next semester. My plans have changed a little bit. I am going back to tutoring again. While I loved the university, I prefer studying one on one. I’m really excited to get back into the swing of things again. God has done a lot this past semester and I can’t wait to see what He will do in the next one! Thank you all for your prayers and your support. It means a lot to have you all on my team!