As I walked in to the room I was surprised to not see more people there, not that the room was empty but it wasn’t packed like I thought it would be for the first English corner of the year. As I looked around I saw a guy motioning for me to come over and sit with him. I went over and started talking with them. At first it was just 3 guys but soon I was surrounded by at least 10 people with more on the outside of the circle. We talked about a lot of different things, not much having to do with God, but I felt like I had connected with a few guys and I looked forward to meeting with them individually.

After I got back home Hans and I, my coworker here, talked about who we met and selected some people we thought we had really connected with and that God put on our heart. Over the next 2 weeks we met with those individuals and we had some awesome meetings with them. We have really been able to share a lot about God in our very first meeting with friends. One of them, Alex, Hans just got done meeting with him and told me that he is really interested in God and wants to become a Christian, we have only had 2 meetings with him. Several others of our friends have expressed interest in reading the Bible and learning more about God. The Girls on my team, Skittles and Autumn, have also had similar experiences.

I have been so amazed at God’s blessings so far this year and I know that great things are in store for us this year. I can’t believe we have already been here a month now, it feels like it has gone by really fast, sorry if I haven’t email any of you all much. The rest of this week I will be traveling to my friend Jack’s hometown for what is called the national days here. I am excited about that and really believe that this could be a break through time for Jack. I am also really excited to see us start Bible studies and to see people start joining the family, which I think will start happing after I get back from my trip.

Please Pray:

  1. For my trip to Jack’s home town, that God would give me many opportunities to talk to Jack about Him and that God would reveal to Jack his need for Him.
  2. For Alex that his immediate interest in God would turn into a heart that is fully turned towards Him and he would really give God his whole life.
  3. For our team to have wisdom in setting up Bible studies and prioritizing which friends to meet.
  4. For our campus to be filled with the Holy Spirit and that we would continue to meet the ready ones that God has for us.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers,