Clink, clink goes the sound of Mahjong tiles as I sit in a wicker chair sipping green tea. I feel like I really am getting in touch with the culture here and I was still marveling at the conversation I just had. We where just starting to play Mahjong again after taking a break to talk about God to our Asian friend. Acorn and I had been telling Gary about who God is, why he felt peace when he went to a Party and a bunch of other things about the Bible and the Lord.

This was our second meeting with Gary to talk about the Bible. The first one had been in a group setting, where we just shared about what the Bible is and got a feel for where everybody was. This second meeting was just him, Acorn, and me and it was awesome! First off we met in a tea house, which is like the epitome of local culture, because we wanted to have it in a neutral location. Then out of the four and a half hours we spent there we talk about Jesus for about an hour and a half of them. However, what was the best was just his interest; he brought about God right away and kept asking us question after question about Him.

I really believe that Gary is going to come in to the family sooner rather then later. I also believe he is one or several we are going to see in these last couple months before I go back home. These past two weeks have been filled with great meetings with friends who are really interested in learning about the Bible and about who God is. However these past two weeks have also had some attacks from the enemy try to get us to stop what we are doing and discourage us. Please keep us in your prayers in this intensifying time.