I was walking with my good friend Enoch on campus the other week. We stopped to talk to this guy sitting alone and started sharing the news about Jesus with him. While we were talking to him, this other guy, Charlie, walked by and over heard us talking about Jesus and seemed interested. But he had to go do something, so he left. Then about 10 minutes later, Charlie came back and started asking us a bunch of questions. He told us that he is a “half Christian”. I asked him what he meant by that, to which he replied that he has read some of the Bible but doesn’t go to a church. I had to go shortly after this but I got his phone number and planed to meet him the next week.

Just a few days later Enoch and I met up with Charlie again and told him what it really means to follow Jesus and be a Christian, and Charlie became a brother that day! In the past week we have seen 3 people come to know God in C-Town! It has been a really awesome start to the semester.

Things like this don’t happen just because my coworker and I went on campus. They happen because of something we do before that called prayer. And the really cool part is that YOU can take part of this too. This semester all of us across Campus Target are putting a greater emphasis on prayer because God gave us a promise, “If you want to see things you have never seen before, then you need to pray like you have never prayed before.”

My friend, I want to see God do things that I haven’t seen him do. I want to see God transform the college campus that I am working on from a place where if you were to stop any person on it, there is a greater then 90% chance that they don’t know who Jesus even is, to a place where the gospel of Jesus has been preached to all and there is a thriving network of churches on that campus.

To see this happen we NEED God to move. And the only way we can affect God moving is through prayer. So would you pray with me? Helen and I are praying every day for this and I am looking for at least 10 others to pray every day with us. Would you be one of those 10? If you can’t commit to praying for us every day, I understand that it is a big commitment; please pray for us whenever you remember us.

On a personal note, for Helen and me, this semester is off to an awesome and busy start. God has really blessed us to be able to move into a new apartment and buy our own furniture for it! We needed to move in order to have a place for the new baby due at the end of this month! We are very excited about the baby coming and all God is doing in us, through us, and around us. Hope to write more.

Love Rocky and Helen.