Andy gives me an update on his spiritual state every time we meet.
An atheist 2 months ago, the first time we shared the gospel with
Andy something ignited in his heart. I could tell from the
questions he asked and the way he looked at me that he realized
there was something more out there. And he was hungry to know the

As we shared together, Andy told me, “Before I was 80% sure that
there was no God, but, honestly, now I am 50/50.” A week later
Jimmy from our team met and shared with him more. At the end of the
meeting Andy said, “I am 63% towards believing in Jesus now.” Last
week, when I met with Andy, he told me, “I prayed for my girlfriend
to be healed the other day and she immediately got better. I am now
at 67%.”

I told Andy to go home that night and begin to pray to Jesus,
asking him to reveal Himself. Andy did just that. I just got off
the phone with a new report from him. He said, “Sonny, I have been
praying to God like you suggested, and I don’t know what is
happening, but I think I am being changed on the inside. I’ve found
there are people I didn’t like before, and I am starting to love
them. And so I just started praying for them… that they would find
everlasting life too.”

I wanted to tell Andy to put on his own oxygen mask before he
helped those sitting next to him, but instead I just laughed. Andy
is definitely well over 80% now and moving fast. And all I want for
Christmas is…

for my friend Andy to reach 100%.

Prayer Requests:

•    URGENT REQUEST: Please pray for our Christmas parties this
weekend (26th and 27th) that Andy and other seeking students like
Him would find the one true God. We will be sharing the gospel with
50+ students. Please pray that He would remove the enemy’s blinding
influence and open their hearts to the gospel.

•    PRAISE REPORT: God’s been doing amazing things this last week. In
our city, we have had 5 students join the family in the last 10
days. He is such an incredible savior! One of them is the first one
to be saved on our campus this year – a girl named Rachel. It is a
powerful story. Stay tuned!

•    PERSONAL REQUEST: Cher’s  pregnancy is going well, and the baby
is very healthy. But she has been battling with some of the tough
parts of pregnancy: specifically, morning sickness and now
sciatica. Please continue to pray for a healthy baby and for Cher
to be healthy too.

We both want to wish you an incredible Christmas. Your kindness to
us is one of the great blessings of our life.

All our love.

Sonny & Cher