In the church I am most involved with planting in our city, God has raised up 3 friends who are the core of the church.

Christine is a biotechnology major, who is both spunky and servant-hearted. She was one of the very first to get saved this year. She brought her friend Ju, who gave her life to Christ just a couple weeks later. Ju is more quiet and serious, but her loyalty and love for God are strong as steel. They brought their friend Fang, who grew up in a Christian home. She is buoyant and energetic, running a clothing business from her dorm room. And she deeply loves Jesus.

This Easter they all got baptized in a scene I will never forget.

As Christine came up from the water, the room erupted into shouts and cheers and singing. And she began to cry. Standing in that little kiddy pool, she lifted her hands, closed her eyes, and cried.

Then her friend, Ju, began to share with the room packed full of friends, both Asian and American, about why she chose to follow Jesus. She ended by shouting with a voice breaking with emotion, “I love Jesus! I want to follow Him forever!” Then Christine helped baptize her friend.

Then their friend, Fang, stepped into the pool. Christine and Ju baptized her together as their friends all rejoiced and cheered. As Fang stood up in the water, the three friends embraced each other and held each other while we worshipped.

And that wasn’t all God did this Easter here either. Eight young people declared their love for Jesus in front of their friends. Eight young people were baptized into new life. Eight young people were met by Jesus on Easter in an incredible way both they and I will never forget. He is alive, and so are they.