Kristine, a young believer, was sitting on the bus on her way back to campus. She had just finished leading worship for church and sharing the gospel with some friends afterwards, and she was spent. She scanned through her WeChat account on her phone as she tried to decompress from the busyness of the night.

But right in the middle of her recharge time, the Holy Spirit whispered to her, “I want you to share the gospel with the man sitting next to you.” She glanced over at the 50-something man on her left, saw the sad look on his face… and went back to playing on her phone. But the Holy Spirit whispered again, “Please share with him; I’ve prepared his heart.” So obediently Kristine set down her phone and began to share her testimony with the man.

Twenty minutes later, the man was excitedly giving his life to Christ right on the bus, exclaiming, “I believe! I can’t wait to tell wife and all my children about this!” But God wasn’t done yet.

As the man prepared to get off at his stop, he mentioned how his lower back had been injured for years. So Kristine asked him if she could pray for him. He agreed, and she laid hands on him and asked God to heal his back. A shocked expression seized his face, and he declared, “My back! All the pain is gone! This is the first time it hasn’t hurt in years!”

God is raising up young men and women in our church who are bringing God’s kingdom to their campuses, homes, and even the bus. He is raising up young people who are going to go out and change this nation.

1. Please pray for the three new “2nd-generation” discipleship groups that Kristine, Jack, and Daniel have started. “2nd generation” means they were not started by us directly, but rather people we reached for Christ are now reaching their friends for Christ. Pray that these groups grow and multiply.

2. Part of our team in another part of our city is reaching out to two brand new campuses this semester. They have already seen a number of students come to Christ, and they are believing for 17 students to have joined regular discipleship groups by Thanksgiving. Please pray for God to bring in the 17 by Thanksgiving!

3. Please continue to pray for our family’s health. These last five months have been almost continual sickness for our family. We are all healthy right now, but please pray for protection and grace in this area.

4. Cher has a friend named Zhang that she is specifically asking God to save right now. Please pray that she and her whole family would meet Jesus this month!

Thank you for standing with us and praying for us. The breakthroughs that we are seeing today are a direct result of prayers you are praying.

Sonny & Cher