Andy is a recent graduate who is in one of the small groups I lead. After graduating, he got a job at a company that sells electronic trinkets (ie. USB drives) in bulk to America. Andy has been boldly testifying of his faith to his workmates and word got back to the boss of the whole company that he was a Christian.

The next day, his boss called Andy into his office, and said, “Andy, I heard you were a Christian, and you were sharing with others in the company about it.” Andy gulped. And prepared his heart for the worst. Jesus was worth losing his job for.

His boss continued, “I had an idea. Many of our clients in America are Christians too. Maybe if we understood their beliefs better, it would help us to connect better with them. I’d like to call a special meeting for the whole company tomorrow and have you teach us about what Christians believe. Can you do that?”

Andy gulped again as he considered the opportunity God was giving him, “Yes! I can definitely do that.”

The next day Andy boldly stood up and preached the gospel to his entire company for 15 minutes. And since then many of his coworkers are coming up to him peppering him with questions: “So why did you choose to believe in Jesus? And how will it change my life if I follow Him?”

He is now making plans to begin taking his coworkers out to lunch one by one to share with them more personally as well. God is doing something amazing at this company through Andy, and there is going to be a great harvest!