As I raced through the light Saturday traffic on my undersized mountain bike, my mind flashed back to an exciting childhood memory. My dad was preaching at a church in Texas and immediately after the service they flew him (and me!) by helicopter to a satellite church where he spoke. That would be nice right about now!

I was racing from one exciting new meeting to another. At 9am, I had my first meeting of nine returning workers who are preparing to be leaders with CT next year. Over the next 10 weeks I will be walking them through a course preparing each of them to lead 4 other workers next year to plant a church on a university. I was so proud to see them stepping up in different leadership exercises and showing the potential God put in them. We finished up around 11:15am.

I was racing to my new 11:45am meeting to train the 10-15 key leaders in the churches we have been planting over the last three years. These college-age leaders are preparing to each lead a house church/cell group within the next year. We gathered in the living room of a home, ate some fried rice together, and I began to share. As I taught on the need for us to multiply house churches to reach the 250,000 college students in our city, there was a tangible excitement that filled the room. Then the Holy Spirit fell as we prayed together, and they began to offer themselves as workers in this great harvest field. One by one they committed themselves to the task.

I don't have a helicopter, but after 2 meetings like that I can fly.