“Have you ever heard Celine Dion?” Right away I knew this question was going to lead somewhere I did not want it to go. “Uh… yes?” a group of girls all clapped their hands and cheered for me to sing until finally I gave in. Less than two minutes later I was standing in the middle of 35 students, singing “My Heart Will Go On” (theme song from Titanic). Don’t worry, they all sang right along with me when I couldn’t remember the words. This is an English Corner, where students come to talk with foreigners and practice their English, and where all the boys ask you if you would like an Asian boyfriend (the answer is “no”).

This has been such a crazy week for my entire team. We all moved into our apartments this week, and have tried to finally settle in. Besides the fact that the toilet doesn’t flush, the sink leaks and the air conditioning doesn’t work in one room… IT’S PERFECT!

No worries! It will all get fixed. I am really enjoying a place to finally call home. God has been so faithful to provide for our every need so far, and I’m so excited to see what He does in the following months.

The whole team has officially been sick.  This is very common within the first two weeks of entering a new country and new kinds of food. We have all been nauseous and have had diarrhea (which has been difficult for us girls with a broken toilet!). Please continue to keep us in your prayers, that we recover soon and are ready to get back to everyday business.

Sonata and I have met quite a few new friends this week and we are very excited about seeing where these relationships go. We are also continuing to meet with Kellie and encouraging her in the faith. Both Sonata and I feel that our heart is to create deep friendships with these girls and show them God’s love in a very relational, everyday sort of way. Please, please, pray that God would continue to give us His heart for these girls and that we could be so extravagant in loving them.


  1. Eating frog
  2. Eating eel
  3. Being told that I look like a famous movie star