Tears streamed down my face as I was escorted by a police man to
the back seat of his car. As he shut the door behind me and drove
me towards the police station, I started making calls to my friends
to come and help me.  I had been sitting alone in a restaurant
having lunch and reading a book.  People had been passing by me,
but nothing was out of the ordinary.  I turned to pick up my purse
to leave, and that is when I realized it was gone.
I ran around asking people if they saw who took my purse; no one
had seen anything. A lady came to help me and explained what had
happened to the management and they called the police. I was taken
to the police station where I was questioned for two hours concerning
what had happened to my things. We were able to look at the
security tapes, and what we saw on the screen astonished me. They
believe it was four men who were working together. While one
distracted me, the other one came around to see if he could get
close to me. At the last second while another man walked down the
stairs, he grabbed my purse and handed it to the fourth man who was
waiting. Then they all walked out together. I was devastated since
inside my purse was my camera, ipod, wallet, bank cards, and most
importantly, my passport.
So I spent the rest of the day at the police station, and then had
to spend the next day at the embassy trying to work on getting a
new passport. I have to admit that it was a scary situation for me
and I had to fight becoming discouraged. However, I know the Lord
will provide for my every need and I know it will become a
testimony of his goodness.

So what a crazy start to my week! After spending two days on that,
we had our first party with our new friends. As people poured into
the apartment, I realized that I didn’t know a quarter of them. Our
friends had invited more friends, and we ended up having over 50
people in this teeny tiny apartment. There was barely enough room
for you to walk through other people or even find your way to the
bathroom. Everyone had such a wonderful time with games, food and
the explanation of Thanksgiving. They walked away very excited for
the next party, which I am sure will be soon with Christmas just
around the corner!

Thanksgiving was such a wonderful day with us being able to spend
time together as a whole team. Since we are in Asia, we have come
to learn that not everything is going to go the way we plan or even
smoothly most of the time. One of my pumpkin pies ended up taking
over 3 hours to bake, the traffic was crazy and we got to the
dinner late, and Sonata’s pie ended up spilling on her. THANKFULLY,
everything turned out great! Sonata’s pie tasted wonderful, both of
my pies were cooked all of the way through and we were able to have
turkey! It hard not being with family but it was wonderful to be
with friends. We were able to be thankful for all that God has
given us and all that he is doing. I hope your holiday was
wonderful and that you all had a wonderful time with family and
that you stayed safe.
Prayer Requests:
1. That all the finances comes in for replacing my passport etc.
2. All of the new friends we met at the party this week
3. That the Bible study and fellowship goes well this week

1. Pig heart
2. We had a dish that was a bunch of small fish, that you were
supposed to eat whole. Even the eyes!
3. Making my first pie all by myself