I hope you’ve been well back home in the States! The past two weeks have been busy but good. Since we’ve arrived, ten new friends have joined the family! We’re stoked about it and we’re excited that they’re getting plugged into a local church.

All these new brothers and sisters are actually from a different campus. My teammates have been doing an awesome job sharing the Gospel there. That being said, we’re still waiting to see fruit on our campus. Waiting can be hard especially when we’re seeing God do such big things all around us. I’m encouraged by the story of Jonah because I’m reminded that there’s a lot of supernatural stuff going on behind the scenes that we don’t always know about. I’m confident that God wants to do something big on our campus, I can’t wait to see what it is!

We’ve found the language barrier to be a much bigger obstacle than we had anticipated. My partner can’t speak the local language and we’re struggling to find English speakers that we can connect with. Please be praying for our friends who’ve heard the news but haven’t made a decision. Specifically pray for our friends, Kevin, Elaine, Lina, Steven, Yang Jun, Wang Zhen, and Jia Fan. We’re going to continue to be on campus, remembering that the person who sows generously will also reap generously.

I love where I’m at and I wouldn’t change it for anything (not even for all the tea in Asia!).