We chose a table in an empty cafeteria as our refuge from the cold. Ellen and Diana, our newly-saved friends were excited to see us again, but even more excited at the gifts we brought them – brand new Bibles written in their own language!

For the next two hours, Ellei and I taught the girls about the Bible and showed them where to start reading. This was our only chance to meet with them before they went home for their month-long holiday. So we wanted to make sure they were set to grow in their new faith, with Bibles and the Holy Spirit to teach them.

As we talked, the cafeteria started filling up with students. As dinnertime approached, our cozy spot was no longer private. Not only were the tables around us filling up rapidly, but it seemed like every student was sitting facing us. Was the fact that two foreigners were reading from large black books raising suspicion? To my relief, I soon realized the reason for their stares – a sports game was playing on the large television screens behind us at the back of the cafeteria. Somehow God blinded their eyes and ears, and thankfully our rather blatant Bible study went unobserved!

God has been so faithful to draw our friends into His family! Pray that they will grow in their new faith over the next month while they spend their holiday at home with their families.