At the retreat this week, I met a long-term worker. I’ll call her S. S is an Asian woman, and I believe she is in her 70’s. Over 20 years ago, she heard in her heart from the Lord that she was supposed to work in our country of operation, but no church in her area took her seriously. For whatever reason, no one believed that she, then in her 50’s, could actually do it.

So she waited. Almost 20 years.

When long-term workers from Target Ministries, our parent organization, found her in her home country a few years ago, the call to our nation still burned in her heart. For years during her waiting, she would swim laps for an hour a day to stay in shape, so that when the time came for her to go, her body would be ready to take her there. I saw her this week at the retreat, still doing her hour of swimming.

Let me tell you, I believe that she understands 1 Cor 9:27: “…I discipline my body and make it my slave, so that, after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified.” She has disciplined her body for years so that someday she could be ready to preach to others!

That’s just one of the many inspiring stories from the people serving the Lord here. The retreat has been great, and we are flying into our main city of operation soon. Please pray for our trip, and thank the Lord for what He has done during our time at the retreat. He was truly present here! I know that the team has felt very refreshed during this time of rest. Thank you so much, I’ll talk to you on the other side of the border!