“I have exciting news for you, Buttercup! Two of my friends started coming with me to the family party, and now they believe in Jesus! One of them just got baptized!”

Michelle was so excited to see me again and share her news. I hadn’t seen her for a year and a half since I moved away. I was so happy to visit this last week and get to see her! She and her roommate, Ellen, met me for dinner, and as we laughed and talked over a spicy pot of chicken and peppers, it felt like we’d barely been apart.

I remember how Michelle became a Christian the first night I met her – she was with Ellen and another roommate the night all three girls decided to accept Jesus. Michelle dreams of someday studying in America and was so excited to meet foreigners. I didn’t know how serious she was about her new faith. But during the time my roommate and I discipled her during our last few months in that city, Michelle seemed genuine in her commitment to Christ. One of the final times we met with Michelle and Ellen, I remember talking to them about sharing their faith in Jesus with others.

After Michelle told me her news, it was Ellen’s turn. She had good news, too – she told her cousin about Jesus this year, and now her cousin believes! Ellen also told me how she studies the Bible with two girls from her campus – they meet regularly to share what they are reading and encourage each other!

It is so cool to see my old friends growing closer to Jesus and sharing their faith! I always pray that as students here find relationship with Jesus, they won’t just keep it to themselves. I know my team and I can only reach a handful of friends here, but we want to see the Gospel spread across every campus and see the number of Christians keep multiplying… It’s happening!

Thank you for your prayers! I am so thankful for you standing with me – together we are going to see His truth keep spreading across every campus in Asia! Pray with me that we would see a harvest among our friends this next month – December is always the best time to share the Gospel as we celebrate Christmas with our friends and tell them the reason we celebrate! We will be planning Christmas parties and taking every opportunity to share the story of Jesus with our friends. Pray that their hearts will be open, and that we will share with boldness!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

With love,