11:02 PM. It was a little late for my phone to be ringing. I heard Lindsay's voice on the other end, and I could tell she was crying.

“I failed my exam…”

After spending nearly every waking hour for 5 months studying for this exam, Lindsay's efforts were all in vain. But she hadn't lost her hope in God! Somehow, God had used it all to draw her back to Himself.

“I have not lost my faith….I know God has something better for me!” I was relieved to hear the hope in Lindsay's voice. I can see how it's all part of God's plan. Instead of continuing her studies, Lindsay will now find a job after she graduates. But it means that this semester she will have a lot of time to come to family parties, and help me teach new family members!

She almost seems happier with this change of plans. Lindsay has been getting a burden for the many people in her country who need to know God. Together, she and I are getting excited about making more disciples!

Lindsay slept over last night, and it was hard to fall asleep with all the thoughts running through our heads… we imagined together how we will reach this nation for Christ. We envisioned the day we will rejoice in heaven with others that we have helped bring home!

I told her the story of Jim Elliot who laid down his life so others could know Jesus. I explained my life mission of winning souls and making disciples for Christ. Something is now stirring in her to have that same kind of meaning and purpose for her life…to lay down the normal dreams for money, a career, and earthly riches, and exchange those for the eternal treasures being stored up in heaven!