After 3 days playing phone tag, Lindsay finally got a hold of me. “Buttercup, I have some good news!”

“My boyfriend, Song, became a Christian this week!”

Our excitement was uncontainable! Lindsay and I have been praying for his salvation for the past 10 months! Over that time, he found himself slowly starting to believe in God, but was never fully convinced. Lindsay kept telling him that God will do something to show Song that He is real.

For the past few weeks Song had been anxiously applying for jobs. Each interview had been unsuccessful…

Until Lindsay prayed.

After she prayed for God to help him get a job, Song went to his next interview. And this time, he immediately got the job! He knew it was a direct result of his girlfriend's prayer. This tipped the scales for him to make a decision to accept Jesus!

“Buttercup,” Lindsay exclaimed, “I prayed with him just like you taught me. And now I am teaching him some of the things you have taught me about being a Christian.”

I think that was one of the most meaningful things I have heard so far from a friend! I remember the first night I met with Lindsay and her friends to start teaching them about their new faith. My roommate and I gave them notebooks to write down what we taught them. I emphasized that we were entrusting them with information so they could one day teach it to others.

It's happening! More than my excitement in reaching people firsthand, I get way more thrilled when my friends get a passion to reach others. I love it when they start praying, and sharing their faith, and leading their friends to Jesus!