The whole country is in mourning. At lunch yesterday we had 3 minutes of silence during the time of last week's earthquake. My eyes were tearing up picturing the millions of people, just one week ago, screaming and running in panic. I could imagine people being buried under buildings as they collapsed. My heart is heavy to think of the tens of thousands of people that have died just miles away from me.

But the earthquake that shook this area has also shaken open the doors of my friends' hearts. On Friday night, Ivy and I talked with three of her unsaved friends about their experiences this week. My roommate Pinky had been cleaning out her room that day, and came out with a stack of tracts to give away, which the girls eagerly snatched up. I watched Jessie 2 take an extra set for her friend!

It was a sober time as we talked about the earthquake, and the disaster. Jessie 1 works in the hospital where they were bringing many of the earthquake victims. Jessie 2 had been volunteering to help the rescue teams, and had actually watched bodies being pulled from the rubble.

The girls had heavy hearts, so I suggested we take a few moments to pray together for the earthquake victims and their families. I was surprised to hear Jessie 2 pray after me, a heartfelt prayer in her own language. I could hear her starting to cry, and when Ivy prayed, we couldn't hold back the tears.

Stella and Jessie soon headed back to the hospital to see what else they could do to help, but Jessie 2 stayed to talk some more. Jessie 2's heart was so softened. She was weighed down by all the devastation she had seen, and told us that this week she had started praying to God. Jessie 2 still wants to be free to be her own person, without belonging to any party or religion. But she is starting to see that her “freedom” is nothing compared to the peace and freedom from anxiety that she sees in Ivy and me. That night, something in her heart was shaken. She wasn't quite ready to pray to accept Jesus, but I know she left that night a huge step closer to our Father!

Please continue to pray for the salvation of Jessie 2, Stella, Jessie 1 and other friends like them. I can see how the seeds that have been planted this year are dropping down deeper through the crack the earthquake has opened in their hearts. I believe we will soon see fruit in their lives!