Margaret looked tired and discouraged. She told me how she was single handedly trying to lead a campus fellowship, and felt weary of doing it alone. Lately, it seemed every student had an excuse for why they could not attend the service. One week it was too much homework, another week it was their upcoming exams, or their part-time job, or their plans to travel with friends. The fellowship had slowly dwindled until she felt like she was the only serious believer on her campus.

We were going to meet to read the Bible together, and at the last minute my roommate Dove brought a new friend. Lily was also a believer, and though she couldn’t speak much English, I could tell she was passionate about the Lord. She had a big smile on her face and glowed with joy as she talked.

As Lily & Margaret met for the first time, we had them share their stories with each other in Asian. Margaret’s tired face started to brighten up as they talked, and every now and then she would exclaim something in English: “We are from the same hometown!” “She has been a Christian for 4 years!” “She really understands who Jesus is!”

We could see some of Lily’s enthusiasm rub off as we talked and read the Word together. The night ended with Dove & me waving good-bye as the two girls boarded the same bus together. Lily had been invited to stay overnight at Margaret’s dorm since it was too late for Lily to bus back to her own campus. Lily kept exclaiming how unusual it was to be invited for a sleepover when it was only their first time to meet, but she was so grateful. We smiled to see the quick connection the girls made. I hope to see them strengthen each other in their faith, and be encouraged to know they are not alone!