Four years ago, Adriel led a couple short term workers to campus for their first time. They planned on sharing the good news with whoever God led them to. The first Asian student they met was a girl named Lucy. They shared with her about Jesus that day, and the very next time they met her, she decided to follow Christ!

Now, four years later, Lucy has decided that she wants to serve Jesus full time and help build the church in her city!

Lucy was so excited to start that she quit her job and decided that God would provide a way for her to get income.

Here in the X, we each asked God if he would have us play a part in supporting her and we took an offering. But that’s not the coolest part. Just as Lucy’s personal savings were expiring, she got a job with another foreign ministry couple working at a house of payer and received almost $1000 USD from her anime art drawing! How awesome is that? Our God is a provider!

Lucy has a goal of sharing the Gospel 100 times before the end of September! She’s leading small church meetings and helping disciple a few local believers. Lucy is the only full time worker in her city right now. Please pray for her that she has great favor and extra anointing to see worshippers arise!