Many of you know that God had called me to become a Bible teacher and it would seem that the time of waiting is just about over. I have been sensing the time to move on to teaching and there is a sense of restlessness in me. This past week, while renewing my passport in another city in Asia, I had the opportunity to teach Bible classes and it would seem that the door is opening more for me to do even more of it in the fall. To be honest, I have had a restless stir for some time now and as I am praying more and more, I know that its from God telling me that one chapter is closing and another is about to begin.

Perhaps you have read old stories of powerful missionaries where God provided them exactly what they needed when they needed of whatever they were praying for. This month, I was not expecting to be in another city, but as I am writing and you reading this, I am in an another city waiting for a new passport.

This particular city is so much more expensive than my home base. For one reason or another, this month’s support is exactly what I needed. When talking about the faithfulness of God, praises can never be given to Him enough. Now more than before, I know what it means that He will provide in His own time.

Every time I go out anywhere on my electric bike there are few things I do before I drive off my complex. Checking to make sure I have my wallet, cell phone & charger, helmet, and gloves. I know that if I have these items, I can be out about all day doing things without any issues. As I am praying and thinking of leaving one type of ministry for another, I have also been training those around me take on the vision and work should the Lord call me to a different city in the fall.

Last week at the orphanage sitting across the table was a little girl who did not speak much throughout the game time, mostly head down drawing. When we finished playing games, she just left and perhaps a little shy to give the artwork to the person whom she was drawing. How many times have I missed the real person who sits right across from me, but because of self, does not see the other person’s full potential?