I set out with two mugs of instant coffee and a plate of chocolate cookies before leaving my apartment to pick up Liang Shan. As I unlock my bike, I remember meeting her during my first time on campus, and recall the sweet and longing spirit in her eyes that so excites me. I know that I feel a connection with her, but have had to wait for a time to act on it.

Since that first day, I have asked to see her three or four times. “Liang Shan, I want to spend time with you tomorrow – just you—are you free?” She would always say yes — and always brought at least 3 other girls with her. Each time this happened, I wondered if I had been mistaken about what I felt for her. Maybe she wasn't ready. Maybe she wasn't open. Maybe she was too shy. I continued to meet with other girls, other close friends of hers, in fact, and almost gave up on the idea of ever spending some alone time with her.

Finally, after playing badminton with Liang Shan and her friends, I looked at her and gave in. “Liang Shan, I feel like I have known you for a long time now, but I still don't know you. I want to know you. I want to spend time with you, just you, and talk. Can we have coffee together next week?” And she gave in, too. She lowered her eyes and told me that she thought her English was too poor and that she was nervous and shy. I reassured her that I thought her English was just fine, and solidified our plans.

As we begin to chat over the delicious Nescafe instant coffee, I ask Liang Shan how her National Holiday vacation was, and if it was nice to see her family. This simple question opens up a flood gate I never would have anticipated. She began weeping as she opened up to me about the pain in her family and her in own heart. I put my arm around her and listen as she tells me that she cries every night before she goes to sleep, and that no one knows. I gently told Liang Shan that there is Someone who knows. That Someone is crying with her when she cries and wants so desperately to love and comfort her. I prayed for her then like I have never prayed in my life – with an urgency, a desperate urgency for the Holy Spirit to sweep her off her feet and fill her heart with His peace. I know that He is working in her, and I feel so privileged to be part of it.

I definitely learned how important it is to not give up and to be faithful to what the Lord puts on my heart regarding my friends. Please pray for me that I can learn not to get discouraged, that I can learn to ask the right questions, and for words to tell my friends more clearly about Jesus.