The Restaurant was a nice looking place, we where seated next to an open window. My Asian friend, Jake, started ordering and asking me and Jayzer questions about what we wanted to eat. I looked around, there were only a few people in the restaurant as it was a little early to eat dinner here, there was an odd shaped whole in the table and a burner on a shelf below it. Then the waiter brought out this big pot and placed it in the whole in the middle of the table and then turned on the burner. Pretty soon we had a boiling pot of spicy liquid in the middle of our table. Meanwhile Jake had finished ordering and they had started bringing out the food. Jake was telling us a little bit about how to cook our food and was putting food in to the pot to cook.

That is what they call it “hot pot” it is sort of like fondue, in that you cook the food at the table. That is where the similarities stop, it is spicy and delicious like most of the food here. Before we went out to eat we had a conversation about the Bible and why I read it and got to talk a little bit about God in that, it was a great feeling! We have been having more and more conversations like this where we get to tell a little bit about the Lord and what He means to us.

We are meeting with lots of friends and are really getting to know them and are starting to be able to speak into their lives about Jesus Christ and sharing what He has done in our lives. Our schedule is full with meeting Asian friends and we are planning a guys night for later this week. We are still trying to figure out where our different friends are and what their needs are so that we can show them how God can help them in their problems.

In talking to our friends we need wisdom in what questions to ask and how to share about Him. Please be praying that God would give us wisdom and ask that He would reveal to us where our friends are and what their needs our. Pray that the Holy Spirit would work in our friends and give them a longing to know Him. We also know that we have not met all the people God has in mind for us to reach out to, so please ask Him to lead us to the others He has in mind for us to reach.