“Adriel, we are here. My home!” I stepped off the bus to be greeted by an intersection of two “roads”, apparently a bus stop. Looking up to see where we were, all I saw was a rice field and trees in the distance.

I guess we’re here.

I received a lot of encouragement from my roommate that God would be doing something wonderful over the Mid-Autumn holiday through me, that I was there for a reason. I’m very grateful for that encouragement, as honestly, I wasn’t feeling super great or in a really hopeful/faithful/expectant mood. To put it frankly, I was feeling a bit grumpy (happens to the best of us :P).

I spent some time with and pressed into the Lord, seeking refreshment and direction. I got a sense that Friday afternoon was the time to share with my tutor and friend. So, afternoon came and I shared.

He really took it and understood things even before I explained them. I asked him if he was willing to follow Jesus, to which he replied that he needed to know more. I talked with him a while longer about what it meant to follow Jesus and that you didn’t need to know everything (like anyone can know everything about God, right?).  Just then his parents called and he had to run and help with the chores (it is harvest season after all).

I helped lug burlap sacks of corn upstairs (they had serious doubts that I could carry a bag, despite the fact that I’m almost twice their size, haha). After we finished he walked up to me and blurted out, “I want to follow Jesus!”

And so we prayed together. We have a new brother!

This week in K-town 2 other students chose to follow Jesus. In another city I just read that 6 believed in one day! It’s so exciting what God is doing in our midst.