The time here seems to be flying by and yet going slowly at the same time. I have been in Asia for almost a month and it hardly seems like it. We have been sharing the Good News more than I have ever shared it in my life. It makes me realize how important it is to tell people about God, and not just to live my life. I think the thing that gets me the most is that so many people here in Asia have never ever heard of Jesus and what He has done.

There are so many highlights that come to mind these past few weeks, but one experience may rank as one of the most incredible moments of my life. My roommate Professor and I decided to get together with a friend, Cliff, for the evening to play basketball and eat dinner. We deeply hoped to share the Good News with him that night.

Things were going well. After basketball we headed to Cliff’s campus. Through a series of events that were not coincidental, we ended up meeting three of Cliff’s roommates, Rock, John, and Sam. Dinner was soon at hand and the roommates treated us to a dinner of fish soup, chicken rice, and chrysanthemum tea. Treating guests is the Asian way. We prayed for the meal and found out that Sam and Cliff had some Christians in their life and were very interested in what we had to say about God. However, Professor and I were not feeling a go ahead from the Holy Spirit to share.

Before long we were done with dinner, the conversation had slowed, and we headed back across campus toward their room as Rock and John wanted give us some tea as a gift. Professor wanted to leave because it was getting pretty late. I said let’s wait ten more minutes and see what happens, if nothing happens then we will go.

As we waited for John and Rock, I started asking Sam about the Christian in his life, who happened to be his grandmother. I asked him if his grandmother had shared the Good Story with him before, and he replied that he knows some but had never heard the whole story. At this moment Cliff excitedly jumped into the conversation and said, “I want to be a Christian, how do I become a Christian!?” The door had just swung wide open to share and Professor and I excitedly begin. John and Rock returned right then and so we had the opportunity to share with all of them. By the end we got to lead them all to Jesus!! It was incredible!

During the taxi ride home, Professor and I could hardly contain ourselves at what had just happened. Four people had joined the family. Not one, not two, but four people! It was incredible to know that four lives had just been changed forever and that is one of the many reasons I am here in Asia!