Three months ago, a small team of young people came over to Asia. Four weeks ago, I arrived back in Asia to find that they had totally ROCKED the city while they ran with Jesus. Professor, Sherlock, Viola, Ryder, and Ruby are some of the youngest (Ruby is just turning 17 this week!) and coolest people I’ve gotten to work with over the last five years.

‘Professor’ is so devoted to learning that he’s already speaking and writing in the native language, almost to the point where he can talk about Jesus with students; ‘Sherlock’ lays down his personal comfort, time and time again, to see men reached and called higher in Christ; ‘Ryder’, ‘Viola’, and ‘Ruby’ open up their home and their lives, sharing more deeply and vulnerably than I was ever able to do at their age, in order to let others see the power and love of the Lord.

Nothing is impossible with Christ! Things are moving here in a way that gives all of us incredible hope and deep thankfulness. Last year, we picked up where others before us left off, sowing and preparing for a harvest. And now we’re seeing fruit from that and dreaming of what’s to come.

Today and tomorrow we are sharing Thanksgiving with our Asain friends. More than 60 people have gotten saved! Yes, we’re playing games and doing the Interlude. But more importantly, this will be another chance for our friends to hear the Gospel. We’re performing a powerful skit about Jesus’ ability to save us from the pits of life. And even cooler, is that our some of our Asian brothers and sisters will get to share their testimonies of how God changed their lives.Please pray with us that God uses this to help our friends experience His love and make Him the King of their lives. 🙂