“And God saw that this was a problem, so He sent his Son, Jes….” I was interrupted by Zoe’s cell phone ringing. While she talked with her friend, my mind was playing a game of “what ifs”… But I haven’t gotten to the key to the story yet… What if she needs to go? How will I transition back to the story after her call? How long will this call last? Will she remember what I was saying or should I start over?

The conversation in my head was quieted by Zoe’s voice. “That was my friend. She is going to join us. So what happens next in the story?”

I finished the story and asked Zoe if she wanted to be God’s friend. She did! After praying together, I was celebrating the decision she had just made and explaining to her that we are now sisters since we have the same heavenly Father. That’s when her friend Mona arrived.

Zoe greeted Mona, “Hi Mona, this is my sister Lola. She just told me a story. I will tell it to you later.” I quickly piped in, “We can tell it to her now, together.”

With the excitement that comes from building momentum, I retold the story with Zoe translating for Mona, line by line. At the end when Mona said that she wanted to be God’s friend too, Zoe taught Mona how to talk to Him.

Just like that, within minutes of joining the family, Zoe had shared with her friend and I…WE… got two new sisters that day!