We sat in the grass near a student-looking guy in the middle of a “campus blitz” day (share the gospel like crazy). Knight laid down to take a short nap, as is the Asian way, and asked me to see if the guy we sat near knew any English. I struck up a conversation and before long we found ourselves talking about God and what it means to believe in Jesus. After getting a little ways in English, I realized he did not actually understand what I was saying, so I backed up to the beginning and started over using the local language.

Maybe 20 minutes to a half an hour later, I asked him, “Do you want to believe in Jesus?” He said, “Want.” And that was it! This kid had been on a mini vacation to G-town for about 5 days by himself, and it was his last day there. It is truly amazing and the divine work of God that we ran into him on that day, in that grass, and the Lord had prepared his heart.

We spent the next two hours teaching him how to share the good news for himself, prayed with him, and sent him back on his way to a different province… I suppose you could think of it as we just sent out a missionary!

Things are revving back up with all students returning this week. We are excited to see all the believers come back and to connect with them and see how their vacation went. Please pray that we can meet with them on a regular basis and form groups, as that was a big struggle for us last semester.

Praise report:

  • I got the opportunity to meet up with Herbert, who chose to follow Jesus at the end of my first year. It was great to see him again, and better to hear that he has continued on in the faith, praying and reading his Bible daily. He was so excited to learn how to share the good news; he was practically bouncing out of his seat! We are going out together on Sunday to try to share with someone, so please pray for us, and that Herbert would get a chance to try out his new wheels 😉
  • Another new sister came in yesterday. Praise God!!


  • I have been sick for almost three months now. It seems to be finally going away, but please pray for me!
  • For new believers! We feel like God is calling us to aim for 25 for just us over the next month.
  • For the Asian believers, that God would give them boldness and vision to see their friends saved, and to train them to follow Jesus.