I can’t believe it is already near the end of February!!! Time is completely flyin’ by. We just finished a time, as a city, prepping and refreshing the vision in front of us for the rest of the year until the team flies home in May. It turned out to be a really special time for us and our people re catching the vision, seeking God for goals(seeing friends come into the family and starting groups) and putting weekly action steps in front of them to help them.

God has really been growing our peoples faith and turning that into action! Here is a really cool story from one of our girls.

‘Tuesday afternoon we set out with our goal to make  friends that day.  We met a group of three girls, Amy, Ariel, and  Alice. They are all grad students with a journalism major. We  exchanged numbers and went on our way. Later, we made plans to meet  them the next day for lunch. We met them at noon and sat down at  one of our favorite cheap dishes places. We asked if we could pray  over the food before we started to eat. Right after we broke the  ice and asked what they believed. They said because they were from Asia and they did not really believe in anything. The topic was  changed but later it came back up and led into us sharing the  story. Two of them seemed very interested. One of the girls knew  quite a bit and asked us some really good questions. After lunch we  went and sat down on the grass where they asked us more questions  about different stories in the Bible. We explained the difference  between us the Catholics, as well as talking a lot about what the  life of a Christian looks like. They seemed to be hanging on every word we  said. After I asked again if they thought they would ever believe  in Jesus, one girl replied, “We have never believed in anything but I  think maybe Jesus is our choice.” After running into a tea house near  by because it started raining, we answered more of their questions.  About three and a half hours after meeting them and explaining to  them what seemed to be half the Bible, two of the girls, Amy and  Ariel, talked to God and accepted him into their lives. We made a  plan to meet with them every Wednesday as a church. It was really  exciting to see God move so powerfully only the second day back to  work, as well as it being our first time sharing on SU since January. I cannot wait to meet with them again and get them baptized! This is only the beginning!’

I hope that gets you as excited as it gets me!!! God is softening students hearts and they are coming into relationship with Him! He is going to see the visions and goals through that He has given each of us. He is so faithful!

Thanks for being behind us in prayer and finances. We couldn’t do it without partners like you!

Seeking the lost for the the King,

Hoagie and Hero
* Please pray against spiritual attacks that have been taking place on us
and our people as we step up our game in reaching people. Like our
friend Al always says, ‘New levels, new devils’.
* Students hearts to be open and ready
* Wisdom/provision currently weighing the option of Kels attending
University (March-July) for her language study