I witnessed a miracle yesterday. Watched it happen with my own two eyes.

You could call it a normal day, nothing super special or hyped up really. Knight inserted a Ray Comfort DVD on evangelism into the DVD player that we planned on watching for the morning. Three guests had arrived over the previous two days that came to teach on some things and equip us for the work God called us to.

This DVD contained the morning’s lesson. However, instead of staying in and playing like it was supposed to, the DVD player said: “no disc.” Knight took out the disc and put it back in. “No disc.” Again he tried. A third and a fourth time. About six times he tried getting the disc to work with no avail.

Then something strange and honestly surprising happened.

Carl reached over and put his hand on the DVD player (Knight did the same) and said out loud, “Lord.” (that wasn’t the strange or surprising thing, haha!).

Immediately a red light came on and the disc started working!! Praise God!!!!


Today I had another seemingly supernatural experience.

I was praying and just spending time with Jesus this afternoon, lying on the couch. I felt like the Lord said, “Open your Bible.” So I did, and as I reached for it, another thought popped into my head… Psalm 53. I opened my Book and started to read it. Immediately my friend Yucheng, who I just had dinner with a few days prior, came to my mind. During our morning session today I asked God who of my friends that He wanted me to share the good news with in the next couple of days. Yucheng was one of the two that He highlighted. (*note: if you read the chapter, it’s not altogether encouraging or uplifting)

Yucheng is my tutor from last year who started opening up to the gospel and coming to church more regularly. He isn’t saved yet, but in my last meeting revealed to me where he stood and the progress the Lord has brought him through. He said, “All my life I’ve been told that God does not exist, and that is what I believed. Now, I don’t think that they are right. I don’t know that God does exist, but I don’t know that He doesn’t, I just can’t say. I don’t know. I have friends that have had a special experience and then they believed, but I have not had one. If I do have a special experience, then I will believe. If I have a special experience tomorrow, then I will believe in Jesus tomorrow.”

So tonight I texted him to see if he was free. Knight and I wanted to try to meet him together and share more with him, and I wanted to share my verse. When he responded, he said that tonight would not work, but hoped that we could me another day. I said ok, and then something strange happened again.

He responded back with this text: “Ok! By the way, do you have something to share with me today?”


What?!?!? Where did that come from? Haha. The Lord is so good. I told him the scripture reference.


Please pray for him!!! Pray that the Lord speaks to him, that Yucheng gets his special experience!


In His loving and strong grip,



P.S. I made it to Asia safe and sound!! 😀