I love the Kingdom of God…. While I was sitting here talking to my family about how things are going here and how God has so much fruit for this year, I got a call. A new sister came into the family tonight through a couple of girls sharing the good news with her!!! Oh praise Him! God has given us promises of His children coming to know Him this year and He is doing it. This is only the beginning. All week we have had countless stories from our people of the first time they meet somebody they are laying out what Dad did for them. This is what it’s all about!

This has been an exciting week for us as well.  Hoagie started school on Tuesday from 8:30 to 12 four days a week. He is really loving it and diving right in not wasting any time. And I (Hero) have been settling us into our new apartment which is feeling more and more like home. It feels amazing to finally be settled and getting back on more of a routine. God gave us amazing place close to our people, a huge kitchen that I can cook for everyone and at an amazing price. And so far BUG FREE! This is a pure miracle from God and I am so blessed. He knows what we can and can not handle, right? This week I have also been on the hunt for a good, inexpensive, close by tutor for my schooling. So if you could be thinking of that and that God would con’t to provide in the language area.

We love working with this group of young people! They are so eager to get out and get what God has for this year, but yet so steadfast. “Not by power, nor by might, but by My spirit says the Lord.” They get it and are just so fun and precious. We have been super blessed by them as a whole and look forward to continue getting to know them.

We love you. Thanks for celebrating and being excited with us about all that God is doing. I can’t say it enough, without you it just wouldn’t be a reality.