For all of my upstate New York friends, my blog title may have some of you wondering if I’ve forgotten that it sometimes snows until April and that spring hasn’t exactly arrived yet. Fear not, I haven’t forgotten my roots. The weather here in C-town is also still cold – long johns are my second skin.

No, what I mean is that new things have been happening, good things, things that will bring life and freshness to my ministry and life here. The first is that I recently completed a three day intensive language class called C2C (Creation to Christ) that equipped me to share an 8 part Gospel message. I never realized that I could cram so much into my brain in such a short period of time! I learned about 100 new words, memorized John 14:6, and put together enough sentences to share the Gospel story from Creation to Christ. I’ve already shared it with several people, and I’m gaining confidence in my new language ability every day.

The second is that we just finished our winter session, and learned some really valuable things about how to share more effectively, with more boldness, and honestly, more like Jesus. Our fearless leader Sonny, his beautiful wife Cher, and their new baby M traveled all the way from the USA to share with us in person about the role of proclamation (extravagant Gospel sharing), the law, and security in our ministry. We also got a refresher in what basics we need to share with new believers and how to implant DNA in their hearts for the Great Commission. It was a really charging, motivating time for all of us, and I think that these next three months are going to be some of the most powerful as we reach toward the ultimate goal of starting a church planting movement on the campuses here.

Please pray for me and my team, for a supernatural energy, motivation, passion, and power to do the thing we are called to do. I’m also really excited to see Allison and Amy again; I’m still believing for Allison’s salvation and for Amy to be raised up as a leader and church planter.

Thank you to everyone who is praying and standing with me! Your care and support means a lot to me.