This story will do two things.
1) Expose the under handed attacks of the enemy
2) Exalt the greatness of God!

Do you remember, in my last update, I mentioned that 7 people had already said yes to getting baptized and asked if you would pray protection over each of them that nothing would interfere with the decision they had made?

Over this week, we had 3 of those 7 people experience doubt, fear, and confusion to the point where they backed out and said they didn’t think they would come on Sunday morning.

In our own team, we were under a lot of attack as well. Sonny experienced the most intense back and sciatic nerve pain of his entire life – enough to the point that he couldn’t sit or lay down and slept for a couple hours on his knees by this bed. Sherlock got a stomach sickness (that we think maybe is giardia) and hadn’t eaten anything in five days without throwing up. Tensions and stress was running high in me and others.

There is one person who can overcome all of those things. His name is Jesus. He won our healing, our freedom, on the cross. He rose again, giving us new life and victory forever. So, we prayed and interceded for our friends and each other.

The morning of the Easter service, we weren’t really sure who would show up. But PRAiSE GoD all three of our friends came and we even had one friend, Catherine, decide to get baptized on the spot! A total of eight of our friends were not only Baptized in water, but also in the Holy Spirit, many of them speaking in tongues!

Additionally, Sherlock was able to eat dinner and not get sick! And as soon as Sonny walked into the room this morning, his back and sciatic nerve were totally healed! God is stronger than anything!

I’m so proud of my team for the way each of us served and loved on our friends and on God this morning. We preached, taught, gave testimony, and worshiped, and all in the native language! Even Professor, one of our first year workers, asked some important questions in the native language to two of his friends before they got dunked!

God be praised!

Thank you for remembering me, my team, and the precious friends we have here.

I’ll leave you with one last moment. After our friend had gotten baptized, she stood before us and with tears streaming down her cheeks, she closed her eyes and said in a loud voice,  “I want to say it loudly, I love you Jesus! I love you! I’ll love you forever! “
That’s what it’s all about. That’s what this is all about. This work… this LIFE.

God bless you!
Happy Easter!!