Ruby and I had spent half an hour praying together before we went to campus. We wanted to try and meet someone that we could share about Jesus with. Before we left, we asked Him to lead us to someone who had been stirred up already. As Ruby and I walked to campus, we were still talking through how we would share the message when a sweet girl a few feet ahead locked eyes with us and said hello.

“I’ve always wanted a foreign friend.Can I make friends with you?”

There’s only one answer to that question: Of course! We shared about hobbies and hometowns as we walked toward dinner together. But I knew something was different when we sat down to eat.

“Can you teach me how to pray?” Most people politely nod and bow their heads but Chloe was intrigued when Ruby and I asked if we could say grace before we ate. I smiled and told her praying was easy. It’s just like talking to a friend (which, it really is, if you didn’t know that).

The door truly was wide open for sharing the story of God’s love with Chloe. At each step along the way, we saw that she had already been stirred up by God. A foreign teacher had previously told her having a belief would make her life better; when we talked about sin, she eagerly confessed that she had also made a lot of bad decisions. Even though Chloe hadn’t heard Jesus’ story before she met us, her heart had been prepared to receive his forgiveness and love.

About an hour after we sat down with her, we asked her if she’d like to start building an intimate relationship with God, and she said yes! We have a new sister! Chloe not only gave her life to God right there in the cafeteria, but she came to church with me in my apartment the very next day! And just yesterday, Toni and I met with her to have our first d+scipleship meeting! We talked about how we can spend time with Jesus, including worship, reading the Bible, and how to pray based off of of Matthew 6:5-15 and 7:7-11.

What’s happening with Chloe is unique. There is so much grace over her life and new relationship with God! She’s got a tender heart and an eager spirit. Please pray for her that she would continue to experience His love, joy, and presence in her life!

Thank you so much for making this kind of ministry possible by your financial giving and your prayers. I wouldn’t be here without it. 🙂