In America, Christmas is a lot different than it is here. At home, I remember slowly enjoying all the changes that take place: Songs on the radio turn seasonal, town decorations go up, and there are Christmas movies on TV every Sunday night. I mean, I start buying Christmas gifts the day after Thanksgiving. Slowly, the atmosphere changes and there’s a gradual building and anticipation for Christmas.

Here, it changes in an instant. We sprint towards Christmas.  I downloaded 3 hours of Christmas music in one night. We spent one day buying decorations at the busiest, most crowded market in the world. We also planned a million parties so that we can share the real Christmas story with as many friends as possible. From today to the 23rd, we are planning to meet about 70 people.

I love Christmas. I love remembering the story of what God prophesized about and finally put into motion the night of Jesus’ birth. I love spending time with friends and I really miss my family and loved ones back home. I love eating cookies, coloring Christmas pictures, listening to music and    watching It’s a Wonderful Life.                                                                                                                                                                       

But the thing I would really love the most is if some of our friends could really join in that with us.  I mean that I don’t want to just share the story with them; I want to see the story get inside of them. I want to see God bridge the gap in their hearts. I want to see some of our friends get saved!

We have two really big Christmas parties coming up and one special small group planned for the 23rd. I wanted to ask if you would all please lift these up. Ask the Holy Spirit to move on our friends, to anoint me and my partner’s words, and to let this be a season of salvation.

This is an SOS! I absolutely cannot change my friends’ hearts. I cannot save them. But Jesus can. He wants to. And I believe and know that prayers really matter. Please help me and stand with me for them! It really is a matter of life or death. 

Thank you for remembering me during these days. I hope you are all growing closer to God and also remembering the special meaning of Christmas.

Relying on his strength, power, and grace,