My friend ripped out a page from a magazine and handed it to me. I’ve seen this magazine around, being passed out for free, and although I can’t read it, another friend had told me its content was not wholesome. I wondered what we were doing with the pages; then finally I caught on. We placed them on the ground and sat on top of them. Asian people don’t usually sit on the ground because it’s considered very dirty. Using the magazine as a buffer between us and the grossness of the ground, we sat in a circle under pine trees. This was probably the best use I’ve seen so far for this magazine!

I had met my new friend Lucy while walking on a pedestrian bridge crossing above a road. She was working her part time job, passing out papers to the mobs of people passing by. She approached me, and I got her phone number then, wondering if I would ever really follow up and give her a call. An hour later, when I was on my way back through that way, I thought of her and then was surprised to run into her again, but not on the bridge. I decided then and there to make the follow up phone call after a few days.

Though I had invited her to hang out, she wasn’t available. But she called me the following weekend and invited me to join her and her friends on a trip to a park. So there we were sitting in a circle in the middle of nature. It was incredible. I was enjoying our relaxing environment that was so different from the busyness of city life, when one of them asked a question.

“Do all the people in your country believe in God?” It was an amazing open door to talk about our Father and the relationship He wants to have with every single person in the world.

These same friends are coming over to my house to celebrate Christmas. Let’s ask God together to show Himself to them, that their hearts would be prepared to receive the seeds that are being planted this season. 

In His love,