“Do you mind if one of my friends joins in our activity tomorrow?” On Saturday, Herbert and I planned on having lunch on campus and trying to share the good news with a random student. However, since his friend was coming, I thought it would be great if we shared with his friend.

We arrived at the canteen, got our food, and sat down. Herbert told his friend, whose name was Sony (pronounced like the brand name), that I wanted tell him about Jesus, to which he said OK.

Herbert and I tag-teamed and told Sony about Jesus. And guess what? He believed! Herbert was shocked, and it was priceless! Thank you Jesus!

Afterwards, Herbert (with a little guidance and a few helpful suggestions) taught Sony how to share the good news, and we practiced. That night Sony went back and shared with his friend a little about what had happened that day. Please pray for him and his witness!


I just want to say thank you for praying for me and especially praying for Herbert’s and my meeting. God really does hear our prayers and is faithful


Praise Report:

  • Besides Sony, there have been five new believers decide to follow Jesus since I last wrote, roughly a week and a half ago!
  • We felt like God spoke to us and gave us a number of salvations to shoot and pray for by the time we leave in May. With that in mind, at the moment we should average about six new first generations to our church a week. We are right on target… God is doing it!
  • Knight and I “randomly” met a believer at a canteen this past week, who joined one of our churches and is excited to be fellowshipping with other believers again! Praise Him for His greatness!

Prayer Requests:

  • I’m still a little sick
  • Some of the girls (or at least they are the only ones who have admitted it :P) have been experiencing a lot of homesickness
  • Pray that the Lord keeps moving among us
  • Pray that the Lord gives our friends boldness to share. We can’t do this without them, and God so badly wants to use them to reach their friends and families