I sit here alone in my living room, surround by suitcases and empty
white walls, still in disbelief that this is my last night in an
apartment I have lived in for a year and half.  As I look back and
take stock of the past 16 months or so that I have spent in H-town I am
flooded with memories.  My first day in language class when I
almost wanted to cry, the day I saw it snow for the first time in 2
years, meeting my Asian friend G and getting connected with the f-
ship, as class leader convincing my teacher to let us go get ice
cream instead of having class, standing on the roof of the foreign
students’ dorm sharing sharing with my Hungarian friend Dad’s love
for her…and there are so many more I could not possibly take the
time to list them all.

There was honestly a time in the midst of moving here and throwing
myself into full-time language study when I didn’t think I would
make it..that I would just show up one day on my le*der’s porch
with suitcases in hand and say “sorry, I didn’t make it.”  But Dad
is so f*ithful! He taught me so much during my time here, not only
about Him but also about myself.  I guess that the transformation
in my own life is the greatest t*stimony I have from my stay in H-town.
The fact that Dad took someone who came here confused, fearful,
and sometimes angry, and through ups and downs, mistakes and right
choices, false starts and victories He transformed her into an
instrument that can be better used by Him.  That is an absolute

It is with tears in my eyes that I write this email to you, knowing
that I will be leaving this city in less than 3 days.  I have made
so many friends and have so many memories here that I know a little
piece of me will always belong here.  But I also know that it is
time to move on, that Dad has bigger and better things in store for
me down the road.  This year and a half has taught me to trust HIm
in new and greater ways and I know that no matter where He leads
me, I will not go alone.