I sat down with the intention of praying solely for Mae – I knew that she was at a Bible study with sisters from our family party and that she wasn’t feeling well. I asked God for Mae’s healing and began to pray that nothing would interfere with the work of God. I praised God that there is no greater power, that He tramples over the work of the enemy, that he is powerful and loving and good.

Then, strangely, I also began praying for salvation. I asked Jesus to bring “her” home, that he would finish the work in “her” heart, and that he would just save “her” from eternity without him. Several minutes later, I opened my eyes and realized I had absolutely no idea who I was praying for! I knew that Rachel and Sherry had already been saved. So, I smiled a little and just began to thank God for his salvation, that He is mighty to save, and that He rescued us.

When I came home from another meeting later that night, I saw Mae lying on the couch, with a big blue bucket in front of her. Mae told me that after arriving at the restaurant where they agreed to meet, Rachel introduced her to a new girl, Mia. They began to study the book of John, but Mae started to feel seriously ill. She got up to go the bathroom, but as she stepped in the doorway, everything turned black and she passed out. Mae woke up as her friends lifted her off the floor and walked her into the squatty potty, where she threw up violently. After sitting back down, she answered one of Mia’s questions about what the “Lamb of God” means, and talked about the great sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. Immediately after this explanation, she felt like she was going to get sick again, and made her way to the bathroom. When she eventually sat back down, feeling completely drained and shaking, Sherry turned to Mae and unexpectedly but simply said, “Mia wants to get saved.”

Mae told Sherry how to lead someone in the prayer of salvation and Mia became a Christian that day, right there, in the restaurant! It’s clear to me that the enemy will do anything he is able to try and stop the work of God. He has kept a strong hold over Mia and Mia’s campus. He didn’t want to see Mia come to God, didn’t want to begin losing control over the campus, and he gives his best to try and prevent that from happening. Despite it all, God hears our prayers and uses the enemy’s work against him.